Low Kwan Yu
Sifu Mike Biggie

Sifu Mike Biggie (center, kneeling) began his kung fu training in 1974 at age 11 in the style of Shaolin as taught by master Feeman Ong and the style of Long fist praying mantis kung fu as taught by Grandmaster Gao Daosheng. From the period of 1974 to 1982 Biggie was exposed to other branches of kung fu including Shuai Chaio, Tai Chi, Hsing I, and Ba gua. After joining the military In 1983 Biggie began serious training in the Shaolin of Choy Li Fut under Sifu David Carr, a disciple of Master Wong Doc Fai.

In late 1984 Biggie was introduced to the study of 7 Star Praying Mantis kung fu. Sifu Biggie has been under the tutelage of various masters and practitioners of 7 Star Praying Mantis worldwide for over 25 years and has gained a vast amount of knowledge of its strategy and usage.

Sifu Biggie is adept in the training and application of the empty hand and weapons skills of both Praying Mantis kung fu and Choy Li fut. He teaches both styles openly to his students. Sifu Biggie is also an expert on the subject of iron palm training and in the formulation and application of its accompanying herbal compounds. With more than 35 years of training Sifu Biggie is a serious yet patient teacher and coach for those who are ready to study their martial art in depth and not simply skim the surface.

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